I Love My Life

i love my lifeI love my life.

I was reading a post on Lynn Terry’s blog Clicknewz!, that mentions Kristen Eckstein, the Ultimate Book Coach and her blog.

I clicked over and spent some time reading various posts.  They are both great blogs with a wealth of helpful information!

While on Kristen’s blog I checked out her page, “The UBC Team.”  This page contains the bios of her and her staff.

While reading through the bios I learned that her copy editors use the Chicago Manual of Style.

Now this may not seem like any big deal to you, and in fact, many readers won’t even know the reference, but it raised a question in my head.

You see, I have always used the MLA, or Modern Language Association of style. So, being familiar with the term, “Chicago manual of Style” suddenly was not enough.  I wanted to know more about the differences between the two styles and what makes Chicago their choice.  (Here comes the “I love my life” part.)

What I did next was not turn to the nearest browser to consult the Wizard of Google.  Instead I swung my chair around, reached for the bookshelf, and pulled out my copy of “A Writer’s Reference” by Diana Hacker.

This is a small spiral bound reference book and is quite handy.  It is conveniently tabbed and voila – there was the answer at my fingertips.  It has been a while since I’ve spent any time with this book.  Which reminds me that timing is everything. This is a great little reference book and fits very nicely with the project I am currently working on.  It will be a nice companion to bring on an upcoming trip.

Having that reference handy just made my day.  Yes, I love my life.  🙂