9 Quirky Things About Me

Lynn Terry’s private brainstorming group over at Clicknewz.com have started a meme called “9 Quirky Things About Me” and I have decided to participate.  This is a big deal for me to share, as I am generally a private person.  However, when I read Lynn’s list of nine and found out she and I have the same work uniform (Men’s pajama bottoms) – haha – I thought this is something to share.  So, here goes…

1.  I go out of my way to have the light switches face up when on and down when off.

2.  I don’t like toenails – too bad I’ll be long gone before we evolve beyond them.

3.  I can’t sleep bare-footed (I have “sleepy socks” that are for bed only and regular socks for daytime wear).

4.  Sometimes I have just a cup of frozen peas for dinner.

5.  I’m a “Fanalow” (Barry Manilow fan).  My music taste is quite eclectic.

6.  Typography is more important to me than to most other people.

7.  If it was socially acceptable for women to be bald, I’d be the first in line to shave it all off.

8.  I have some strange snack weaknesses including a little yellow cake mix and water in a mug (can’t believe I am actually sharing that one with you!)

9.  I once got a prescription from a doctor to take a nap every day.

If you would like to participate in this fun list, just leave a comment with a link to your page, or write your list here if you prefer.  Thanks for sharing!  🙂



2 replies on “9 Quirky Things About Me”

  1. You have excellent quirks, Roey! You have some odd things going on with nails and hair. 😉

    #6 shows in your blog desing, it’s crystal clear and very pleasing to the eye. Typography is one reason I’m gonna change my wp theme on BC, the lines are squished too close togheter.

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